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Sunday Briefing

Minerva Intelligence produces the weekly report, Sunday Briefing. Compiled by our core team in London using intelligence and insight from our global network, the Briefing highlights geopolitical trends shaping the world and its markets. Our aim is to be the most trusted and valued source of concise global information, giving its exclusive readership a competitive advantage.

Strategic focus
We write just for you – for global business leaders and people of influence, to help you make the right decisions and to plan for the future.
High-value market intelligence
We provide information and insights that can't be found elsewhere, giving our readers a crucial competitive edge.
Unbiased judgement
We have no agenda. Our interest is in outcomes, in shaping your view of the future, and in looking for threats and opportunities.
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Expert sources
We rely on a global network of professionals in the intelligence, diplomatic, political and business worlds, who have an inside track in the areas they cover.
Our readers are time poor. We monitor only the major themes and trends that we believe are shaping the future. Our content is incisive, relevant, short and to the point.

Our core themes

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The fragmentation of the established world order
We’ve entered a new era of global competition. How will America deal with China’s rise? Will Europe integrate further to avoid being left behind?
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The reassessment of capitalism
Driven by inequality and by an increasingly concerned millennial generation, centrist, globalist economic assumptions that have dominated the West since the 1980s are being abandoned by both left and right.
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The digitisation of everything
Enhanced by AI, digitisation will have unimaginable consequences over the next 10 years, disproportionately disadvantaging rural areas and worsening the urban-rural divide in politics.
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The winners and losers of climate change
As the global economy moves towards electrification, we will see increasing geopolitical competition to control the relevant resources, and a race to dominate the industries involved.
We examine the impact and consequences of these and other business-critical issues